Medicinal Herbs For the Treatment of Acne, Anxiety, Arthritis and Asthma

Medicinal herbs are nothing new; in fact many have been used for thousands of years. They may have a long history, or be used by millions of people daily, but that does not make them one hundred percent safe for everyone.

Unfortunately there is the myth, that because most herbal supplements are available over the counter at health food stores and supermarkets, they can be swallowed like candy. Care still needs to be taken, as even popular herbal supplements like St Johns Wort and Ginseng, are known to have some side effects in certain situations. Be responsible and carefully read the labels before purchasing. If in doubt, seek advice from a health professional.

However in saying that, most medicinal herbs are reasonably safe (for most people), when taken as directed on the label. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or are taking medicines, or have a known medical condition… then extra care and advice should always be taken.

As I said earlier, millions of people use medicinal herbs on a daily basis without any adverse reaction. Truth is; many people claim the herbs are beneficial in the treatment, prevention or control of their health condition. So, medicinal herbs have a role to play in modern heath care and general well being.

Here are 4 common health complaints and a list of medicinal herbs associated with each.

1. Acne

Comfrey, Burdock, Cleavers, Echinacea, Garlic, Poke Root, Nasturtium, Salad Burnet, Valerian, Wild Strawberry, and Wilde Als.

2. Anxiety

St Johns Wort, Californian Poppy, Betony, Chamomile, Cowslip, Hyssop, Hops, Lemon Balm, Motherwort, Mistletoe, Oats, Peppermint, Passion Flower, Skullcap, Valerian, and Vervain.

3. Arthritis

Alfalfa, Buck Bean, Black Cohosh, Burdock, Cayenne, Chickweed, Celery Seed, Comfrey, English Daisy, Horseradish, Juniper, Nettles, Meadowsweet, Parsley, Sassafras, Wormwood, and Yarrow.

4. Asthma

Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Betony, Burdock, Coltsfoot, Celery, Comfrey, Elecampane, Garlic, Fenugreek, Horseradish, Horehound, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Lettuce, Lobelia, Marshmallow, Myrrh, Mullein, Nettles, Parsley, Speedwell, Saw Palmetto, Thyme, Valerian, Wilde Als, Watercress, and Yarrow.

Disclaimer: Always seek advice from a qualified medi

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Chinese Herbal Medicine in Galway – A Healing Alternative

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has great sense of history, with therapeutic roots extending back to the Zhou Dynasty, Late Bronze/Early Iron Age at about 2500 to 3000 years ago. From its ancient origins, herbalism in China evolved in response to disease concepts current at the time and continues to evolve to meet the contemporary heath requirements of people all over the world today.

With numerous centuries of continuous use, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats illness from within a framework that addresses the patient’s overall constitution.

Both the health issue and underlying constitution of a person are taken into account for diagnosis and treatment.

Western medical drugs provided by western medicine often control symptoms but do not alter the disease process, whereas Chinese herbal therapy treats the core imbalance underlying a persons condition’s or symptoms.

Herbal Supplements are tailored to the individual and based upon a through diagnosis utilizing the comprehensive – complicated diagnostic framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How Chinese Herbs Work

Chinese Herbal Supplements can improve the Internal Organ Networks in the performance of their tasks. Herbal prescription formulae can be tailored to assist a particular organ or organ network specifically e.g. the Lungs to aid respiration or treat conditions such as asthma, the Heart for Blood circulation and stress, the Stomach and Spleen to aid digestion and energy or even more complex formulation for issues such as male/female Infertility.

Herbs are more nourishing and harmonizing compared to their western counterpart (prescription drugs) which are designed to isolate and destroy pathogens resulting in more harm to your body.

Specific types of herbal formula address issues such as colds, allergies, inflammations, or cramps often with immediate results, while others may strengthen a persons constitution over the long term

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